Incentives The Green Energy Act has now been implemented  and the Ontario government has set up 20 year contracts to buy electricity produced by you and I (at .54 cents per KwH). We typically pay .10 cent's to buy from utillities provider. They are doing this in conjunction with the OPA We supply you with a complete installation from start to finish with all paperwork included Why Start doing this now? ABOUT US SERVICES CONTACT US COPYRIGHT How Solar Works Powering Your Home Why Solar? Fit Micro-Fit Live Stats Telephone:              905-641-7566 Email: Fax:                         905-641-1280 When you choose solar energy you: Increase your home's value by $20 for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills, according to the National Appraisal Institute. (we have not approved this comment but there is a significant home value increase which we will leave to the local market to dictate)  And, your property tax won’t increase even one cent. (as per our email from MPAC) Become part of the renewable energy solution—the sun provides enough energy in one day to power the entire world for a whole year! It’s free, clean and renewable. Within the solar renewable category, the term solar energy may refer to many different types of systems - photovoltaic systems, solar thermal systems, passive solar systems - leading to a fair amount of confusion about exactly what one means when one refers to “solar.” Dualpower designs and builds solar photovoltaic systems - that is, systems that convert solar energy directly into electricity. If you are looking for systems that convert solar energy into heat (for example, to heat your pool or your shower via the sun), or if you are looking for systems that collect solar energy throughout the day and release it as heat during the night (passive solar), you can find out more information by Googling. Dualpower © Copyright 2012 All RIghts Reserved.