See For Yourself! Instructions 1. Now go to each of these pages that opened and click on this icon "Today's Energy",  like the icon to the right. 2. Now look at the panels themselves Still have questions? Give us a call today or email for inquiries. Check out real time production of our panels versus others in the Niagara  area VS click each one to view real-time stats... to see what they have each produced today (do not compare "Today's Energy"  from one site to the next as all sites have a different # of panels) This shows how much power each solar panel produced today (actually a good time to do this is just before sundown) Still Not Sure? Now, on both pages, click on "Past 7 days", like the icon to the left, this shows how much power each solar panel produced in the last 7 days. Don't compare "this month's energy or Lifetime energy as everyone has a different number of solar panels. The 2 examples show a 24 panel system (ours) and a 57 panel system. ABOUT US SERVICES CONTACT US COPYRIGHT How Solar Works Powering Your Home Why Solar? Fit Micro-Fit Live Stats Telephone:              905-641-7566 Email: Fax:                         905-641-1280 Dualpower © Copyright 2012 All RIghts Reserved. Click here to see an actual cheque!