Metering On a sunny day, depending on your energy consumption, your solar electric system typically produces energy. The energy is supplied back to the utility. Just like you pay for the power you consume, the OPA pays you for the power you produce. ( a separate meter is installed to measure power produced) About Powering Your Home PHASE 1: ABSORB PHASE 2: CONVERT PHASE 3: PROFIT PHASE 4: ENJOY The solar photovoltaic modules absorb the energy from sunlight and generate direct current (DC) power. The Inverter converts this power into high quality AC electricity for connection to the utility. The OPA will pay you $.802 for every KwH you produce for 20 years Its like having a tenant on your roof that does not complain, requires no maintenance, pay's rent every month and will not move out for 20 years ABOUT US SERVICES CONTACT US COPYRIGHT How Solar Works Powering Your Home Why Solar? Fit Micro-Fit Live Stats Telephone:              905-641-7566 Email: Fax:                         905-641-1280 Dualpower © Copyright 2012 All RIghts Reserved.